Welcome to the internet

This is essentially a dumping ground

Sometimes I've got a thought that's a little too big for Twitter. So wouldn't it be great to have a website where I can put those thoughts out there without chopping it into bite-sized pieces? That's what I was thinking.

That thinking led me to install, and reinstall, and wipe, and replace, and... I went through a lot of blog platforms, microblog platforms, and CMSes. I've settled on pico for the time being, but that means I have to learn Markdown...

So I've installed, and reinstalled, and... I've gone through a few text editors, is the thing. I've settled on typora.

Then I had to set something up to automate file uploading, because fuck uploading every file every time I tweak something, I'm an old man now. So I've got WinSCP running now.

Took a few days, but I've got a website that "works", more or less, and that's all I really wanted.



Big Maybe:

Probably Not: