I didn't forget

I just... failed to remember?

It's been a minute (and by "a minute" I mean "over a year") since I updated this site. It's not that I didn't have stuff to say, or things going on; it was more that I lost interest. I do that a lot - specifically, starting projects and then losing interest in them. Up until pretty recently I would've chalked it up to ADD, but a recent medication change on my doctor's recommendation points to OCD being a possibility.

I wouldn't have pegged it as OCD myself, but apparently one of the ways it can manifest is in obsessing over a project to the neglect of all else, including eating and drinking, which I've done frequently, including in the development of this site. Fortunately it hasn't happened since the med change, though it has had the unfortunate side effect of leaving me super tired during the day (turns out the medication I stopped taking was originally a wake-promoting drug that also proved useful for treating ADD). So now I'm Big Sleepy most of the time. It sucks.

Other than that, well... I'd be lying if I said things were going well, but they could always be worse. Maybe I'll start that pain blog after all, I dunno.