They're nice to their friends!

Finally, a rant.

Y'know those people that are just assholes?

It's not uncommon to run into people that are just shitty to you. Rude, dismissive, condescending, for seemingly no reason.

Disclaimer: I 100% used to be one of those people. I'll get into that more later.

And you may wonder to yourself, what's up with this guy? Why are people okay with this person being a total shitlord? You already read the title, so you know where this is going: someone will let you know, "But they're nice to their friends!"

Everyone is nice to their friends. That's why they're friends.

I mentioned above, I totally used to be that guy. I was an asshole to just about everybody (look at my posting history on Dustloop or Fortress Forever if you want the receipts), but I treated my friends well because of course I did, they're my friends.

How you treat your friends is irrelevant, it's how you treat everyone else that actually matters. That's what informs the kind of person you are. If you're shitty to random people, then you're just shitty. Be nice instead. It's not always easy (think I'll write about that next), but it feels better in the long run.